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Welcome to Patrick Kaye PhotographyPhotography has been a hobby of mine for over 50 years, but only since my retirement in 2006 have I given the time to develop it. I have moved through the most basic of cameras with black and white film and wet processing to more sophisticated DSLR'S. Now the weight factor has clicked in and I use a lighter micro 4/3rds camera with more than enough pixels and potential to keep me amused by indulging in multiple exposure, intentional camera movement and in-camera pre-sets.

I have sought inspiration everywhere - from my own bookshelf to my local art gallery, from the most distant parts of the world to the most commonplace domestic scene, and from many an inspirational colleague. A much respected photographer said to me recently: “You could make an image anywhere, even at this [café] table”,

I derive the greatest enjoyment out of being eclectic, experimental and playful in pursuit of this most anarchic of interests. 

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